Facilities @ MPS


Our teachers are committed with responsibility and accountability to create zeal in children. We believe, a teacher who does not ‘teach’ but helps the children develop their unique potential. Our teachers are fully equipped to facilitate children’s development and education. 

Constant enhancement of teaching skills of the teachers at MPS guarantees that our teachers are competent to handle the different needs of learners. 

The school has a healthy, dynamic and conducive environment for teaching learning process facilitated by highly competent and well-experienced teaching staff who apply modern means, techniques and skills of teaching.

MPS Teacher- Student Ratio

Only 30 students in each class at MPS. Minimum number of student grants plenty of scope for individual attention to the students. Thus the teachers can nurture each student’s emotional, behavioural and academic needs.

Private Tuition

As Teacher-Student Ratio is very low, therefore, Private Tuition is not required at all for MPS students. As a rule Private Tuition is discouraged as they sap the initiative of students. Parents are requested not to approach the school teachers for tuition.

MPS Class & Campus

Our infrastructure is well planned and child friendly. We provide spacious, breezy, well-lit, comfortable, and conducive classrooms along with mild & pleasant play areas in school campus. Carefully created open places filed with child friendly equipments, pictures & videos. Every classroom planned to provide children with the best learning experience.


Beginning from Class UKG onwards, Computer Education is an integral part of the school curriculum. The students are trained in basic skills and techniques of computer. 


A wide range of activities and programs are planned on a regular basis to provide children with experience where they can explore their uniqueness and also supplement their classroom learning. We focus on activities that develop thinking and expression. We try to make children inquisitive by nature through healthy questionnaire and practical demonstration sessions. General Knowledge is an essential part of our curricula.

Security of Students

Security Guards in the school premises and a well arranged transport facilities for safe passage of each child to school and home ensures maximum safety of our students. 


e-MPS is an indigenous interactive platform that brings together all stakeholders- students, teachers, management, parents, guests, and experts. This allows all the stakeholders to share experience, ideas, and opinions that help in child development. Through e-MPS, parents including all stakeholders can watch the child’s classroom and outdoor activities.